Kakti - Version 4

We have released Kakti Beta Version 4. 

Release Notes since Version 3:

+ Build a online highscore System based on a online Database server. You can compare your scores against every other player in the world. We disabled the 60 sec. playmodus, because we have one databse and one version of the game because the comparable scores should be played on the same version. In the future we will introduce more playmodes with an highscore for every playmode to compare with.

+ Translate german words into english, the game should be completly in english now

+ Information about how to play the 10Lost Gamemode

+ Enlarged the Fontsize in the Highscore Menu

+ Fixed the hanging flowerbug (not shooting and growing in special situations)

+ Bugfixes and Optimitzation in the unity code


Have fun playing it. Spread the word about this version, so that we will have a lot of highscore entrys in our database :-)

If no other bugs where occouring we will work to build a 1.0 version to leave the demo mode and release the game as full version.



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