Kakti Version 8.0

We have built a new Version of Kakti, with new ballons and other changes in the game, see the Changelogs above:

  • King balloon added
  • Added purple balloon
  • Missed text replaced by life hearts
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Added new tutorial graphic
  • Added new background
  • -5 display improved
  • Kakti animations built in
  • Fixed a reset of the game
  • Personal Higscore improved
  • Advertising disabled
  • Higscore display improved

Have fun to test the game. This will be the last or the forelast beta version. So we are coming to the 1.0 Version of the game in the next time. Progree was slow this year because of many negativ personal events which took a lot of energy to deal with. We hope we will go faster to the next features :-)


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