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Founder and Programmer                                                                

since At Eating Brain Games since 2013   Hey my name is Florian. I'm 32 years old and I'm one of the two guys behind Eating Brain Games. I live in Germany with my family (Two kids and my wonderful wife) and love to play Videogames since 1989 (C64 -> SNES -> PC), actually I'm working full time for an IT Serviceprovider as team leader of the Helpddesk. I like to program computer games in my free time, it's hard but it's fun. Since I began to program games I stopped to play games. Hopefully, I will play my own games in the future if they will be finished.
Some of my favourite games: Civilizaion, X-Com, Fifa Soccer, Duke Nukem 3D, Jagged Alliance, Panzer General


heigth: 176cm  
hair 100% long hair  
coffee 0-1 cups of Tee per Day  
quake3 50% Quake3 skill  
strategy 80% Strategy skill  
creative 100% Organizer  



Founder, 3D Graphic and Gui

since At Eating Brain Games since 2013   Hi there, my name is Jascha. I'm 32 years old and the second guy behind Eating Brain Games developing good games for You out there. It's my first turn to program in my free-time. But I still loving it to play games, so its not always easy to do the right decision between playing games and making games. Currently I work fulltime in a company as programmer. I hope one day, I will program games and develop game ideas as a fulltime job.
I like many different kind of games, from Shooter to RPGs... from Indie- to Puzzle-games. I love games like Kerbal Space Program, Battlefield, Planetary Annihilation or The Walking Dead.
height heigth: 173 cm  
hair 80% long hair  
coffee 0 cups of Coffee per Day  
quake3 90% Quake3 skill  
strategy 40% Strategy skill  
creative 100% Creative  



Programming and Graphic Design (Fiddle'n'Scribble)

since At Eating Brain Games since 2019   Gude! This is Kalle. Born and raised near Frankfurt, I live in Berlin for several years now. My computer career started early, when I traded an old BMX bike against an even older Atari 2600. This was my first and only video game console. Only a few years later my parents got a Amstrad PC1512 where my IT skills started to grow. So the first PC-game I ever played was digger (find a GNU remake at and whenever you ask my for the recent one, mostly it will be Civilization. But apart of that inbetween I use my computer mostly for work. Until 2018 as a Sysadmin, nowadays as a certified Java professional. I enjoy to see the differences to unity and C#. Three years of freelancing in editorial design, typesetting and web-development gave me the ability to help making things at EatingBrainGames not only functional, but even beautiful.
height heigth: 194 cm  
hair compared to the others: 250% long hair  
coffee no coffee at all  
quake3 1% Quake3 skill  
strategy 80% Strategy skill  
creative 100% Creative  
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